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Holidaying while getting your teeth fixed. Can it get any better!!

Are you considering having a Dental holiday and Dental treatment abroad in Turkey at the same time?

We have the best solution for you.

Dental Team Turkey offers complete programs for all nationals and foreigners who wish to have their dental treatment done in Antalya, Turkey. Vacationing with dental care services at the best prices possible. We help you get all the services as per your budget.
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Antalya, the Paradise on Earth

Welcome to Antalya
The paradise on earth. The pearl city of the Mediterranean, and the Turkish Riviera. Antalya is Turkey’s 5th largest city that stands for professionalism, diversity and quality.

With its history, natural beauty and a rich variety of local lifestyle, the city host to more than 11 million foreign guests, from all over the world on a yearly basis.

As the fourth most visited city in the world, Antalya is a beautiful getaway for all foreign travellers.

Dental Team Turkey has the best dental treatment in this beautiful city. Take advantage of our affordable dental treatments and save up to 70% on treatment fees compared to other dental clinics in your home country!.

What is dental tourism?

This is very widespread in Europe
Dental tourism is formed by those seeking dental care outside of their local health systems. Dental tourism is when you compile your dental care and vacationing needs all in one.

The quality of our health professionals with very competitive prices and ideal for a holiday surrounding make Antalya a unique destination for this type of tourism. Antalya is best for your treatment and holidaying needs.

You will be surprised at how much money you can save by opting to have the procedure performed at our private VIP clinics in Antalya. We have the best services at your budget. You can also customize as per your service needs.


Why pay for a fortune for a dentist when you get the same service at half the rate?

After seeing and comparing the exorbitant prices in several parts of the UK, more and more foreigners are choosing to make their dental treatment in our country and specifically in Antalya.

The Turkish health system and especially dentistry offers a high level of quality, professionalism, effectiveness and guarantees. Prices in Antalya are highly competitive. Treatments performed with a discount of up to 70% compared to the usual European fares.

Antalya is a unique and ideal place to enjoy a perfect holiday destination with great dental care.

How many days do I need?

It depends on the dental work that is proposed to you by our experts. You have to come down Antalya and get proper consultation from our experts. They will tell you what kind of treatment you exactly need. Usually, we need 4-5 days to complete cosmetic treatments such as Dental Crowns, Dental Veneers, and Smile Makeover. This means you need just 1 visit to Turkey and you will return home with your long lost smile.

Just trust us and we will help you get the best treatment possible at extremely competitive prices. Our rates are up to 70% cheaper than other parts of the country.

The beauty of Antalya is unparalleled. You can enjoy the astounding vision of culture, history, archaeology, magnificent panorama, and blue flag beaches which getting your treatments done. It is totally worth it.


What does it include?

We offer the best dental treatment at Dental Team Turkey. We tell you the best treatment as per your exact teeth conditions. Whether it is a simple or a complex procedure we tell it to you and answer all your questions before starting it. Also, enjoy a complete stay in Antalya with our services.

  • Advise on every aspect of your travel including flights / hotels and travel insurance
  • Free transfers to and from the airport / hotel and clinic
  • The best consultation on your teeth
  • Expert advice from the best in the business
  • Free Panoramic X-Ray
  • Comprehensive Guarantee for all dental restorations
  • Reception by our Professional Dental Team
  • Meeting with doctors prior to the treatment
  • All queries answered before the commencement of treatment
  • Car Rental (if required)
  • Restaurant reservations / golf / Spa & Wellness etc


Since we have our clinic at such a preferred holiday destination, we have great connections with wide range hotel accommodations in Antalya considering your budget from boutique to luxury 5 star ultra-inclusive resorts.

We have Special Rates for our patients and if you want we can make reservations for your hotel. We will do it for you at the best prices.

If you would like to choose it yourself, we recommend:

Send us a message and we will answer ASAP



You can always easily find direct flights from all European countries to Antalya all year.

Our free pick-up service from and back to the airport Antalya is at your disposal. According to your flight plans, we will welcome you at the airport and transfer to your hotel even at very odd hours.

For cheap flights, we recommend: