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Why TURKEY is cheaper than the UK or The Netherlands or Germany or any other European countries?

Affordable dentist In Turkey with, stay for the high quality of dental treatments

At Dental Team Turkey, we believe that quality of dental care should be affordable to all, no matter you live in the UK, The Netherlands or Germany or any other Western European countries. Thousands of patients from Western Europe come to Turkey for state-of-the-art care every year, saving between 50-70% on their treatment. It is obvious that our rates are significantly lower than in any other Western European countries, however this does NOT mean any compromise, discount or cheap quality. Simply by using the services offered by Dental Team Turkey, you could save up to 70% on your dental care, compared to the local rates of your own country.

Reasons for our affordable prices

Salary costs and property costs are both lower than in any other Western European countries, which translates to much cheaper rates for our patients.

Here at Dental Team Turkey we don’t spend money on unnecessary marketing. We use carefully planned marketing tool and channels. Again, using talents in Turkey are cheaper than in Western Europe.

Because of our partner network we can buy dental equipments and supplies in large amounts, meaning a discounted price for us. Our VIP dental clinic is equipped with the best quality in terms of dental equipment, however we don’t spend on unnecessary features, but find modern environment essential for our patients comfort.


Changing Lives One Smile at a Time Since 2004

  • We are here to change that. Creating a difference, one smile at a time. Making your lifelong dream of beautiful and affordable teeth a reality since 2004.
  • Visit us today and you can save up to 70% with our services!
  • 15 years of experience in quality dental care services.
  • Whether it is whitening teeth at the dentist or implanting teeth we cater to all kinds of services.
  • Established it 2004, Dental Team Turkey have relentlessly served patients and have made them feel comfortable, relaxed with highest quality dental treatments in Turkey. We are the market leaders in quality services to national and international patients for 15+ years. We are market leaders in dental care services.

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