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Does having beautiful and affordable teeth seem like an impossibility to you? We are here to change that. Creating a difference, one smile team turkey at a time. Making your lifelong dream of beautiful and affordable teeth a reality.


Why Dental Team Turkey

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Up To 70% Savings

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Best Quality Service & Products

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Experienced Team

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Comprehensive Guarantee

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Free Transfer Service

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24/7 Dental Service


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Changing Lives One Smile at a Time

Our clinic dental exellence is situated in a beautiful city, Antalya known as a touristic paradise spot on the Mediterranean Sea and very close to the sites of tourist interest. You will turn your dental treatment into a holiday.

We offer all treatments at a very competitive price: up to 70% savings compared to the local rates of your own country.

Our in house technologies make it possible for us to perform dental centre treatments such teeth veneers crowns, dental implants and smile designs in 1 to 6 days.

  • Best quality service and products
  • Experienced Team
  • Free transfer service
  • Dental Centre Turkey
  • Smile team turkey
  • Dental Design Smile

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Are you considering having a Dental holiday and Dental treatment abroad in Turkey at the same time? We have the best solution for you.
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Initial Contact and Assessment

Our customer service colleagues are available 7/24 to assist you via telephone or e-mail. We will get in touch at your preferred time and via the medium of your choice based on the information you enter into the contact form on our website. They will do everything they can to answer any questions you may have about treatment in Turkey.

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Here at Dental Team Turkey, our mission is to offer high-quality and affordable services to anyone wishing to travel to Turkey for treatment.

The treatment available in Turkey not only meets the highest standards of safety and comfort, but also offers considerable financial savings up to 70%. Our services cannot be matched in terms of quality or value for money in your home country.

Receiving a Quote

Once you have discussed your questions with our professional dental team and we have determined which course of treatment you require, you have several options:

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If you have X-ray images that are less than three months old, please send them to us as they will allow us to make a 95% assessment of your needs and provide you with a preliminary quote for treatment

If you do not have X-rays or those you have are more than three months old, we recommend you a free consultation. Following receipt of your X-rays, we are only able to provide an approximate quote as a full diagnosis can only be made once you have met with one of our professionals in person in Turkey. Those patients requiring a 100% accurate quote can receive this in person in Turkey.


You will need to travel to Turkey as part of the free personal consultation, if applicable, as well as for the treatment itself.

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Before travelling just let us know whether you would like us to reserve your accomodation in our partner hotels or you would like to choose it yourself. We have great connections with wide range hotel alternatives in Antalya considering your budget from boutique to luxury 5 star ultra-inclusive resorts.

You will have a nice, and a relaxing vacation in a beautiful city known as a touristic paradise spot on Mediterranean Sea while getting your teeth fixed.

Treatment Plans

If you receive a treatment plan during the course of your free consultation, or were provided with a quote on the basis of your X-ray, all you have to do is decide on the following:

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  • Will the recommended treatment solve my dental problems?
  • Was I quoted a good price?
  • Am I sure that I am receiving a lasting solution?
  • Was the environment I experienced (e.g. our professional dental team you meet in the course of the personal consultation) right for me?
  • Is the information I have been provided sufficient, or do I have any further assistance?

At Dental Team Turkey, we work hard to make sure you can once again enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile every day. Our dental professionals are always on hand to answer any questions that may come to mind, no matter what phase of treatment you are in.

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